So what can you do with data?

A long while ago, I took notes from an interesting presentation or blog entry or podcast. I am unable to find the source. Here I digitalize the notes: What are the main businesses you can do with data? You can…

  • Tell Stories: This is what marketers and journalists do. It is about visualisation and pervasive analytics.
  • Find Insights: This is what business analysts do. They spot interesting phenomen. I like this kind of data business most.
  • Create Products From Data: This is what product managers do. They care about rights to privacy (or how to circumvent it), unique selling points, pricing and so on.
  • Collect, Clean, Merge, Mine Data: This is what field researchers and DBAs do. Semantic structures like ontologies and vocabularies become more and more important, especially when it comes to integration from different data sources.

I like this classification. Of course there are overlaps. And of course it is wrong and incomplete. Yet it is simple and thought-provoking.

As a closing sidenote, I also liked Kim Stedman's 5min talk on what data science is.

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Conny said...

I think, data scientist is someone who can find the secret in data and predict the future, they are somehow like the fortune teller, but based on the science and data.