Nightcrawler Movie

If Baudelaire would stroll through the cities today, and look into the faces of the people he passes, what would he write down? Motivational mantras repeated by “self-optimizing” persons? A mouth of which you can not tell if it smiles or is tortured? The slight fear combined with the feeling of safety when you watch crime news in your neighbourhood? Would he make fun of the prevalence of market value theory, applied even on human life and relationships? Would he celebrate if the adrenaline sensation when your own creation goes public, or when you cross the line of the law?

If Hopper wanted to paint a urban scene today, depicting what the society is making of us, what would that painting show? Empty billboards? Dancing air men in front of a shopping market? News men in front of cardboard mache? Would he discover the aesthetics of blood and fear as, for instance, Yang Shaobin does?

I believe Baudelaire and Hopper would be in the film business today and would do a film like Dan Gilroy's “Nightcrawler”. The movie has striking representations of loneliness, both as beautiful still images as well as fine gestures of the main characters, especially Louis Bloom.

The music is not in the foreground, at one point it produced a sacral moment. Some of the music is on youtube: City of angels (Feat. C Plus), Patrona de los reclusos, Doubt me, La marcha de zacatecas, and Estrellita.

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